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7Studio is a group of seasoned media and marketing professionals with global experience in advertising, marketing, creative, business development, and AdTech. 

We connect the best independent agencies with brands in search of emotional connections with their consumers as they try to keep up in this fast-changing landscape. 

Your brand wants to continue being relevant, cutting through the clutter being the center of attention; but you’re tired of getting half of the attention big agency groups provide at full price. You’re also avoiding engaging with multiple unreliable freelancers.

What is missing? And where do we fit in?  A group of willing and able independent partners helping you become a star, saving you time and effort while working harder for your dollars; we fit right by your side!


The collective is our answer to the full-service conundrum.

By collaborating with a team of nimble, independent agencies and marketing providers from all over the world, your brand can capitalize with the best product and solve the full-service puzzle.


Together, we can create and produce in places or with providers where costs are more reasonable while keeping strategy and brand services close to you. You will always have a 7Studio Collective Agency-partner (or many) accessible to help you grow your brand while you shine.

A new approach to strategic and creative collaboration.

By bringing together the best at what they do, we create work that is more innovative, more effective, and more relevant.

We are committed to using automation through AI to produce high-quality work and deliver quickly and efficiently, generating higher savings.



Our unique approach brings you significant savings and eliminates high overhead costs and big egos from the equation.

We bring you a global range of skills and expertise from a meticulous selection of vetted Agency-partners. We save you money by collaborating with our more price-efficient partners.



We use the best strategy-led masterminds in the location your campaign is most relevant (or wherever you are), but for obvious reasons, choose to overflow production to low-cost regions, such as Brazil and Argentina, where some of the best and most awarded creative production talent thrives. 

Example, why pay for a banner resize in the US when you can use production hubs elsewhere for less at the same or better quality? And don’t worry; we will handle everything for you. 

Our goal is to design efficient models saving you time, effort, and money.  

Our company uses local talent and low-cost regions to save clients time and money

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